Encouraged by the Holy Spirit

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Verse of the week: Acts 9:31 “Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria enjoyed a time of peace. It was strengthened; and encouraged by the Holy Spirit, it grew in numbers, living in the fear of the Lord.”

For the past several weeks God has had me reading through the books of Acts, which begins when Jesus ascends into heaven after being crucified and resurrected. It starts with the first followers of Jesus, and then expands to over 3000, and then spreads again as more and more people are touched by the Holy Spirit.

What an incredible story, to see how one Man, one Savior, started a revolution so powerful and full of love that in 2011, just a little over 2000 years later, BILLIONS of people are willing to die for His name. From one, to 12, to over 2 billion.

Now that is a testimony in itself.

But what has really gotten me, and what has really inspired me from the verse of the week, is knowing that simply having the Holy Spirit in me means that I’m encouraged. And this encouragement means that God is going to use me to grow the church in numbers.

And God is going to use you.

In fact, God is going to use every single person who confesses the name of Jesus Christ to grow His church. And isn’t that amazing?

I’m been pursuing the establishment of this whole Godlywood industry in South Florida since I was 14 years old. I haven’t been at it every day, but basically my whole life’s purpose is to make Christian films the way Jesus told me to.

But at the core of it, it really isn’t about making movies. It isn’t about being successful or being a director or even getting the film into churches. What it’s really about, what God has really called me to do, is grow His church. And simply because I have the Holy Spirit in me, that’s going to happen.

No matter how much I mess up, no matter how long I cry or how often I let doubt creep into my faith, God is still going to use me, because I’ve got a Holy Spirit inside of me that is going to encourage me every single day of my life.

Let that fact encourage you. No matter what you’re going through, or how hard your day seems to be, or what trial just won’t seem to go away. Remember that the Holy Spirit is inside of you and encouraging you every single day of your life. And He’s never leaving, so keep your head held high as Jesus uses you to grow His kingdom.

God bless you, and God bless your Ministry!!!

XOXO, Stephanie



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Praise the Lord Praise the Lord and- once again just for emphasis- PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, “Youth of Christ” is completed and ready to be seen by the world!

We are holding the premiere at my church, the First Baptist Church of Plantation, on Friday, March 4th, 7:30pm!

Words cannot express how grateful I am to the Lord for allowing this day to come!  For those of you who have been following the progress of this film, you know how overwhelming it became at points to see how much work was left before a premiere could even be thought of.

Now, by the grace of the Lord, the night has finally come to share Jesus’ message to the world through “Youth of Christ- The Movie.”

The next step is to work on distribution for the film so that the rest of the world can see it, so keep in touch to see how that process goes!

Thank you SO MUCH for all your prayers, and if this isn’t a testament to how you can achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to with the help of the Lord, I don’t know what is!


He’s capable of making us fly!


It’s November y’all!

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I am so excited to be writing this blog right now!  It’s been forever since I last posted, so I feel like there’s actually a lot of progress made that I can tell you about!  I want to first start off by saying PRAISE JESUS for the opportunity to work so hard for His kingdom!  I have been extremely nervous that getting this movie out there would be incredibly hard, but Jesus has been teaching me that absolutely everything is in His hands, and all I have to do is trust Him for big things to happen!

Case and point, a couple of weeks ago I had a severe panic attack about “Youth of Christ” being a major flop.  I was convinced that there was no way this movie would ever make it to theaters, or be successful, or make a profit.  I was so worried that God wouldn’t allow a distribution company to be interested.  Can you believe that on the following Monday, as soon as I got into work, one of the producers on “Youth of Christ” called me and said that he had a connection that would allow us to get “Youth of Christ” seen by the distributors of a major film studio in California!  On Saturday I’d been crying my eyes out, worried that this movie wouldn’t make it.  And on Monday morning, I find out that a major motion picture studio is going to watch my movie.

Only Jesus is capable of doing such big things, praise the Lord!!!

So with that lead in, let me give you an update on what Jesus has been doing on “Youth of Christ”!

1.) WE FINISHED ADR.  It took over 30 hours and a dozen actors in a tiny room to record all the dialogue that we needed for “Youth of Christ,” but only by the grace of Jesus it is finished.  I never want to do ADR again, but I have this sinking feeling that I’ll probably have to do it again on the next movie, and the movie after that, and so on and so forth.  Blah.

2.) Our sound designer has started working on designing the film.  Praise Jesus for that! 

3.) We got work from a Christian film distribution company, and this is in addition to the major motion picture distribution company, that they want to see the movie when it’s finished! 

4.) Ever since August, I’ve been working on adapting “Youth of Christ- The movie” into a novel to release along side the film.  The novel is only about 5,000 words away from being finished, praise Jesus!!!   By the grace of God we’d like to have it released early next Spring, right before “Youth of Christ” comes out in theaters.  We’ll see what Jesus says!

5.) The “Youth of Christ– the movie” facebook fan page is up and running!  It houses all our “Making of” videos, AND THE TRAILER FOR THE MOVIE!  So if you’d like to see what all these blogs are about, come visit the page and take a look at the trailer!

 Thanks so much for reading!  What I’ve been learning the past few months is that even when you think you’re secure in your faith and in what God wants you to do, the enemy will do everything he can to make you doubt it as often as he can.  It’s been hard keeping my head focused on the idea that this film is going to be a success, but at the end of the day, I’ve come to a wonderful peace inside of me that knows that whatever is going to happen, Jesus already knows.  And if He already knows, I’ve got nothing to be afraid of.

God bless you, and God bless your wonderful ministry!


131 days and counting…

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Today officially marks our 131st day of Post production on “Youth of Christ.”  That number is pretty normal in Hollywood time, but in YOC time (script written in 2.5 days, pre-production in 90 days, production in 11 days, and editing locked in 21 days), it’s crazy to see that 131 days after me saying “that’s a wrap!” on our film set, we’re still in post!  Wowsa!!

I am SOOO grateful to God that we’ve come this far!  God has allowed me to live an absolute dream where it comes to this movie!!  In case your wondering, here’s the status:

1.) ADR sound recording:  Bad sound is usually one of the major problems in Christian films, so I’ve said from the beginning of this “Youth of Christ” journey that we were going to do audio dialogue recording (post production dialogue) on the majority of the film to ensure that YOC has AMAZING sound (by the grace of God, 🙂  That being said, it’s been a little more troublesome than I originally thought to get into the studio to record ADR. Right now, the lab that we’ve been granted permission to use is being upgraded to a higher level of Protools, the software that we will use to record our dialogue.  So we are waiting for that to finish before we can finally get started.  Once we can get into the lab, we will be recording ADR for all the main characters and three supporting characters in YOC.

2.) Our awesome sound designer is currently mixing the last 10 minutes of the film because it doesn’t really need to much ADR.  Even though it’s just a small portion of this 129 minute film, at least something is getting checked off the list! 

3.) Praise God I’m finally finalizing the DVD cover for YOC, which has turned out to be a lot harder than I thought.  This probably isn’t going to end up being the final cover as we’re going after theatrical distribution with a major distribution company, but I’m still trying to create a cover that will really “grab” the audience’s attention while still reflecting the theme of YOC.

Still left to do:

1.) Complete ADR

2.) Complete Color Correction

3.) Complete the sound mix

4.) Complete Closing credits of film

5.) Export movie, make Master DVD (so much fun!)

6.) Finalize YOC packaging (DVD jacket and face cover)

7.) Finalize trailer and release online (over Facebook and Youtube)

8.) Approach a distribution company

The list isn’t as long as it was back in January before any of this was shot, so praise the Lord for that! I’m super excited to keep working on this film, and like my wonderful Pastor G has told me so many times, by the grace of God I will never give up, never surrender, and never back down!  This movie will be shown in theaters across America someday and will bring glory to my BEAUTIFUL Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

God bless you, and God bless your ministry!


It’s already August!

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Okay, so obviously I haven’t been doing the greatest job of keeping in touch since we locked picture for “Youth of Christ,” so the first thing I want to say is hi!  How are ya?!  I pray all is well!!

Things are pretty great down here in South Florida!  Praise God, the sound mix for “Youth of Christ” is underway, and we’re waiting to see how long it’ll take before we can start screening the film at churches.  I’m hoping to have everything down by fall, but we’ll see what God says about that!  It’s been a little difficult having to adjust to the new timeline (I thought “Youth of Christ” would have been done by July 10th), but God has told me that you can’t have a testimony without a test, so I’m going to try my hardest to trust in Jesus to finish this movie, and pass my test with an A!!

And as if to prove His point that He is ALWAYS with me, God has given me the amazing opportunity to screen my first film, “The Christ Effect,” at my church next Friday!  I’m really excited for the opportunity to not only share what God has let me do with the church community, but also to be able to have a platform to make a few sales right after the screening!  Who knows, maybe this will be the launching of a new initiative to screen “The Christ Effect” all across South Florida!

I’ve also been working on adapting “Youth of Christ” into a novel, and so far the manuscript is pretty awesome!  It’s turning out to be different than the screenplay, but just as interesting and fun!!  I can’t wait to read the final product!

Thank you so much for reading, and I promise I’m going to do my best to stay in touch with you all!  God bless you, and God bless your ministry!!


By the grace of the BEAUTIFUL Lord Jesus, I just learned that our potential sound person has agreed to do the sound mix for Youth of Christ!  I am SO EXCITED to be working with this person because he is extremely talented, and if all goes well when we meet up officially this weekend, the journey to finish Youth of Christ can finally enter its last leg next week!

 I’m not going to lie, the last four weeks have really been a test for me and my belief that this movie would be what I know God wants it to be.  It really did discourage me to see the amazing pace God allowed us to have- script written in 2.5 days, pre-production in three months, production finished in 11 days, editing finished in 21 days-  it discouraged me to see that pace virtually obliterated when everything went into a stand still four weeks ago because we just didn’t have anyone to work on the sound. 

 But as every wise person knows, Jesus does everything on His time for a perfectly planned reason. He works to grow our faith, He works to prepare us for bigger tests to come, and He works to give us a testimony that will inspire other people to walk the same paths we did because of the blessings that come with getting there.I absolutely adore Jesus Christ, and I am honored that He has allowed me to work on a film that I believe will inspire young people to go out and do something really big for their communities through the church.  A-men to the youth of Jesus Christ!!



By the grace of God, I just spent the past 10 days of my life doing nothing but edit “Youth of Christ.”  And now, seeing the final product all put together, I can’t do anything but be humbled at this incredible experience that God has allowed me to live.  Within just a couple more days, video will be locked, and we’ll be just weeks away from the premiere of “Youth of Christ.”  I can’t wait!!!!!