Hi!  My name is Stephanie Rodnez!!  I’m a huge Jesus Freak, and I’m also CEO of Christ Effect Entertainment, a production company dedicated to making Christian films for young adults.  Right now, my company is producing our third film, “Youth of Christ,” and this blog is all about making it happen.  God bless you!!



Christ Effect Entertainment



  1. Rose Jeffrey says:

    After misreading “goodlywood” (a site that sells hand carved wooden items) for “Godlywood”, a beautiful thought came to me concerning a topic which my church’s Ladies Ministries is discussing at the moment. We are discussing Proverbs 31. For sometime now I have been concerned about not only the women of the world, but more importantly, the women of the church. Why? I believe that the women of the church should be the ones to set the pace for all women and not Hollywood. The thought that came to me was “godlywood vs Holywood” and that made me very excited. But before my excitement got the better of me, I thought I would check it out on the internet to see if anyone had thought about the topic before. My search brought me to your site, which I found very spiritually thrilling. I am not a youth leader, but I have many young people who attend my church and have a passion for their souls and have a particular yearning for the spiritual development of our young ladies. Your site has provided me with my first stepping stone in that direction. I am interested in your movies and would like to know how to purchase, rent or however it can be made available to me. Even though you have not given the slightest hint as to the content of your movies, I feel really good about what they could do for our young people. Your site is very inspiring to me. Please keep up the good and God bless you richly in all your endeavours for HIm.

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