A whole lot of freedom

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Verse of the week:

2 Corinthians 3:17 “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Lessons Learned:

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to watch the newest film from Sherwood Pictures that will hit theaters this September, “Courageous.” The film was absolutely incredible, and it’s one of the best films I’ve seen all year!

I was so encouraged after watching this film because Sherwood started exactly where I am now. They had a tiny budget and made their first film completely off faith.

Now, just a few years later, they’ve released several films, one that was named the highest grossing independent film of its year! And by the grace of God, that record is going to be repeated with Courageous!

This movie has the works! It has a GREAT script (I cried like six times), a fantastic cast, and a whole lot of faith supported by a whole lot of humor. The cinematography was fantastic, and the directing was superb.

I was so encouraged to see it because it made me realize that faith in Jesus and hard work truly can equal great movie making. This is the reason God has allowed me to experience the fear of failure, and the fear that I’m not good enough.

It’s because He’s going to use my testimony to inspire others the same way that He has used Sherwood Picture’s testimony to inspire me!

It’s the same thing with you. Whatever trial you’re going through, whatever struggle, God is allowing you to go through it because He’s going to use your story to help someone else!

Doesn’t that make things just a little bit easier? Knowing that the struggle you’re going through now will make someone’s life easier down the road?

When I read the Bible verse of the week, it reminds me of those words. Where the Spirit is, freedom is.

So if the Spirit lives in me, then I am free. Free from what, you ask? This verse means that I am free from negative thoughts, free from the fear of failure. I’m free from the discouraging words I hear from others; I’m free from people who think I’m not good enough.

I’m free from those who don’t want to take the time to shake my hand. I’m free from those who don’t think my ministry will ever make it. I’m free- because Jesus is freedom, and Jesus lives inside of me.

Company Update:

PRAISE JESUS, the novel is almost finished! It’s incredible to think that this is going to be published in just a couple of months! I can’t wait to share it with you all!


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