It’s November y’all!

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am so excited to be writing this blog right now!  It’s been forever since I last posted, so I feel like there’s actually a lot of progress made that I can tell you about!  I want to first start off by saying PRAISE JESUS for the opportunity to work so hard for His kingdom!  I have been extremely nervous that getting this movie out there would be incredibly hard, but Jesus has been teaching me that absolutely everything is in His hands, and all I have to do is trust Him for big things to happen!

Case and point, a couple of weeks ago I had a severe panic attack about “Youth of Christ” being a major flop.  I was convinced that there was no way this movie would ever make it to theaters, or be successful, or make a profit.  I was so worried that God wouldn’t allow a distribution company to be interested.  Can you believe that on the following Monday, as soon as I got into work, one of the producers on “Youth of Christ” called me and said that he had a connection that would allow us to get “Youth of Christ” seen by the distributors of a major film studio in California!  On Saturday I’d been crying my eyes out, worried that this movie wouldn’t make it.  And on Monday morning, I find out that a major motion picture studio is going to watch my movie.

Only Jesus is capable of doing such big things, praise the Lord!!!

So with that lead in, let me give you an update on what Jesus has been doing on “Youth of Christ”!

1.) WE FINISHED ADR.  It took over 30 hours and a dozen actors in a tiny room to record all the dialogue that we needed for “Youth of Christ,” but only by the grace of Jesus it is finished.  I never want to do ADR again, but I have this sinking feeling that I’ll probably have to do it again on the next movie, and the movie after that, and so on and so forth.  Blah.

2.) Our sound designer has started working on designing the film.  Praise Jesus for that! 

3.) We got work from a Christian film distribution company, and this is in addition to the major motion picture distribution company, that they want to see the movie when it’s finished! 

4.) Ever since August, I’ve been working on adapting “Youth of Christ- The movie” into a novel to release along side the film.  The novel is only about 5,000 words away from being finished, praise Jesus!!!   By the grace of God we’d like to have it released early next Spring, right before “Youth of Christ” comes out in theaters.  We’ll see what Jesus says!

5.) The “Youth of Christ– the movie” facebook fan page is up and running!  It houses all our “Making of” videos, AND THE TRAILER FOR THE MOVIE!  So if you’d like to see what all these blogs are about, come visit the page and take a look at the trailer!

 Thanks so much for reading!  What I’ve been learning the past few months is that even when you think you’re secure in your faith and in what God wants you to do, the enemy will do everything he can to make you doubt it as often as he can.  It’s been hard keeping my head focused on the idea that this film is going to be a success, but at the end of the day, I’ve come to a wonderful peace inside of me that knows that whatever is going to happen, Jesus already knows.  And if He already knows, I’ve got nothing to be afraid of.

God bless you, and God bless your wonderful ministry!



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