131 days and counting…

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today officially marks our 131st day of Post production on “Youth of Christ.”  That number is pretty normal in Hollywood time, but in YOC time (script written in 2.5 days, pre-production in 90 days, production in 11 days, and editing locked in 21 days), it’s crazy to see that 131 days after me saying “that’s a wrap!” on our film set, we’re still in post!  Wowsa!!

I am SOOO grateful to God that we’ve come this far!  God has allowed me to live an absolute dream where it comes to this movie!!  In case your wondering, here’s the status:

1.) ADR sound recording:  Bad sound is usually one of the major problems in Christian films, so I’ve said from the beginning of this “Youth of Christ” journey that we were going to do audio dialogue recording (post production dialogue) on the majority of the film to ensure that YOC has AMAZING sound (by the grace of God, 🙂  That being said, it’s been a little more troublesome than I originally thought to get into the studio to record ADR. Right now, the lab that we’ve been granted permission to use is being upgraded to a higher level of Protools, the software that we will use to record our dialogue.  So we are waiting for that to finish before we can finally get started.  Once we can get into the lab, we will be recording ADR for all the main characters and three supporting characters in YOC.

2.) Our awesome sound designer is currently mixing the last 10 minutes of the film because it doesn’t really need to much ADR.  Even though it’s just a small portion of this 129 minute film, at least something is getting checked off the list! 

3.) Praise God I’m finally finalizing the DVD cover for YOC, which has turned out to be a lot harder than I thought.  This probably isn’t going to end up being the final cover as we’re going after theatrical distribution with a major distribution company, but I’m still trying to create a cover that will really “grab” the audience’s attention while still reflecting the theme of YOC.

Still left to do:

1.) Complete ADR

2.) Complete Color Correction

3.) Complete the sound mix

4.) Complete Closing credits of film

5.) Export movie, make Master DVD (so much fun!)

6.) Finalize YOC packaging (DVD jacket and face cover)

7.) Finalize trailer and release online (over Facebook and Youtube)

8.) Approach a distribution company

The list isn’t as long as it was back in January before any of this was shot, so praise the Lord for that! I’m super excited to keep working on this film, and like my wonderful Pastor G has told me so many times, by the grace of God I will never give up, never surrender, and never back down!  This movie will be shown in theaters across America someday and will bring glory to my BEAUTIFUL Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

God bless you, and God bless your ministry!



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