The movie is moving forward!!

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

By the grace of the BEAUTIFUL Lord Jesus, I just learned that our potential sound person has agreed to do the sound mix for Youth of Christ!  I am SO EXCITED to be working with this person because he is extremely talented, and if all goes well when we meet up officially this weekend, the journey to finish Youth of Christ can finally enter its last leg next week!

 I’m not going to lie, the last four weeks have really been a test for me and my belief that this movie would be what I know God wants it to be.  It really did discourage me to see the amazing pace God allowed us to have- script written in 2.5 days, pre-production in three months, production finished in 11 days, editing finished in 21 days-  it discouraged me to see that pace virtually obliterated when everything went into a stand still four weeks ago because we just didn’t have anyone to work on the sound. 

 But as every wise person knows, Jesus does everything on His time for a perfectly planned reason. He works to grow our faith, He works to prepare us for bigger tests to come, and He works to give us a testimony that will inspire other people to walk the same paths we did because of the blessings that come with getting there.I absolutely adore Jesus Christ, and I am honored that He has allowed me to work on a film that I believe will inspire young people to go out and do something really big for their communities through the church.  A-men to the youth of Jesus Christ!!




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