Post production has officially begun!

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Praise the beautiful Lord, as of Sunday we have OFFICIALLY BEGUN EDITING “Youth of Christ”!!!  I’m SOO HAPPY!  Not only because ten months of really hard work is finally being cut together, but also because the deadline for the San Antonio Christian Film Festival is July 30th, and starting now gives us a fighting chance of making it into the festival!

Since editing has officially begun, I’m now beginning to slowly refocus my mind on the final phase of this movie making process, which is marketing and distribution.  God’s been giving me some GREAT ideas to promote the film, and a lot of it is going to require a whole lot of creativity and dedication, two things that I absolutely love! 

Be on the lookout for our facebook page!  By the grace of God, I’m going to edit two 15 minute long “making of” videos to post on the official “Youth of Christ” website when it launches.  I’ll also post them up on facebook.  Also, check out our first trailer online!  It’s just a sneak peak, and longer ones will come, but it’s really exciting to be able to share some of the footage with you all!  Just check it out on the “Youth of Christ- the Movie” fan page on Facebook.

God bless you all, and God bless your ministry!



  1. Duchesse says:

    That is very exciting! Good luck, my dear

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