We are three days in, 8 days to go!!

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Praise the wonderful Lord Jesus production has been going amazingly well!!!  God is SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!!   Making movies is so much fun y’all, esdpecially when your doing it for the glory of the King!!!  Today was our first day off, and I used it to plan the schedules for the next two days, contact new actors, finalize financing, work out equipment transfers, and update our facebook page (youthofchrist-themovie)!!!  It’s been a SUPER fun day and I’m really excited to get back to shooting tomorrow and Saturday!  Then we have another break after that, and then it’s six days straight of shooting until production is wrapped!  God is so incredibly good and I can’t stop praising Him for letting this happen.  The footage is AMAZING you guys, absolutely amazing!  It’s the best quality footage my company has ever had in its arsenal, and I am so amazed at God’s willingness to bless us with an amazingly qualified director of photography (shout out to Martin Ubilluz) who will probably shoot every single film I ever make for the rest of my life!  Yes, he and Jim are that good!  I can’t wait to let you know how our big shoot goes this Saturday, it’s gonna be off the chain!!  God bless you!!




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