3 days left!

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Can you believe it?  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then it’s lights camera action!!  I can not wait!  It’s been over two years since I last directed a film set, and I can honestly tell you that directing is one of the few activities that when I do it, I feel like I am so incredibly close to God that I can fly on top of the world.  I’ve learned from some of my mentors that this is because when I direct a film, I’m doing what God made me to do, which is why He and I are so in sync when that happens.  I’m really looking forward to feeling that again, and I’m looking forward to God willing putting a HUGE smile on Jesus’ face!

So since the count down is so soon, you can probably understand that life has been INSANELY busy for me the past couple of days!  Just today, I woke up nice and early to email some documents to a financier of the film, then I traveled down to Miami to buy a special part for my camera, then I got my eyebrows threaded (hey, I’m going to be in a movie.  The eyebrows need to look good).  Then I went to Budget Video Rentals and ordered all the equipment for the movie production, which was SUPER exciting!

After ordering the equipment (I got away with a $2400.00 price tag, which is REALLY great!), I traveled back home to my apartment where I have since been rewriting script pages, outlining production schedules, creating production notebooks, and watching a little bit of Oprah.  At some point I’m going to try and eat something, but overall it has been an AMAZING “Jesus is letting us make a movie” day!  Tomorrow I’m going to try and finish up the wardrobe for the cast, and we’ve got our final dance rehearsal with the actors.

Praise the Lord, Monday is coming, and I can’t WAIT to write to you about our first day of production!  May God bless you, and please keep us in your prayers as we make this movie for Godlywood!  Thanks for reading!




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