Slashing is great!!

Posted: March 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

There have been so many things going on since we last spoke!  Where to begin?  Okay, I guess the most important thing that has happened in the past week is that the script is finally a shootable length!  The original “Youth of Christ” screenplay was 154 pages long.  We originally projected a ten day shoot, so that meant we would have to shoot an average of 15.4 pages per day to get everything done!  Those of you who have worked on film sets before know this is nearly impossible!  So praise God, this week, the page count has officially been SLASHED to 118 pages, meaning that we have to shoot on average 11.8 pages per day.  But this isn’t the end of the cuts, because I’ve added another day to the schedule, so we’re now shooting 118 pages over 11 days of shooting, so we only have to shoot 10.75 pages per day, which is MUCH LESS than I’ve grown accustomed to shooting over my seven year film career thus far, praise the Lord! 

The second big thing is that we’ve got a new camera crew on the film!  Unfortunately the person I was trying to get before fell through, but God provided me with someone better!  This team is EXTREMELY professional, EXTREMELY experienced, and so fun to be around!  I met with the three of them last week, and they were just so cool, they reminded me of those nights in college when I could just kick back and hang with really good people.  So I’m SUPER EXCITED to be working on this film with them!!!  God always provides!

The third big thing is that we have completed the original songs we were making for the movie!  God sent me an extraordinarily talented music producer to work on the film, and he has helped us develop a beautiful ballad AND an extremely unique and hype hip hop song!  Both of these songs will be performed in the film, I cannot wait for you to hear them!

Tonight, I’m going to be working on the shot list and story board with Renaldo, the Assistant Director on the “Youth of Christ” film set.  I’m super psyched to start shaping the way this movie is going to look on screen, Jesus is so good!

I should be uploading a new webisode soon on Facebook that shows us creating the music, creating the shot list, and doing whatever else we’ve been doing over the past few weeks. Thanks so much for reading, and God bless you!



PS- Check out an article about the company that my friend just released on her website,  The link is here:


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