casting is almost here!

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

     There are only 5 days left until auditions!  I’m SO incredibly excited!  God gave me the image of these characters all the way back in August, and this Saturday will be my first opportunity to see those characters come to life!  I absolutely can not wait! There are still a couple of things I have to do before this Saturday, though, the most important being the confirmation of those coming to the casting call.  We’ve got about 35 people scheduled to come, but as I learned with that one actor last week, just because the actor confirms doesn’t mean they will actually show up.  There are two other people who are coming to the auditions with me so I really don’t want to waste their time waiting for people to show.  God willing I can do confirmation emails tomorrow morning before I go to work.  Once that’s done, I need to confirm my location, print out the audition sheets I’ll need for the casting, and I need to buy posterboard and big black markers so that I can make signs to post outside of the audition spot.  We’re doing to the auditions at my church, and it’s kind of a big venue, so I want to set up signs around the parking lot so the actors will know exactly where they need to go when they get there on Saturday.  I can’t believe it’s finally going to be Saturday!!

      Praise the beautiful Lord Jesus I’m going to be meeting with the (Lord’s will) DP of the movie either tomorrow morning or Wednesday evening!  Finally!  It’s been way to long for that as well!  This guy is so amazingly talented, I pray that God wants him to be part of this film!

     All in all, life is really really good.  I’m really enjoying this path that God has given me, and I’m so excited to finally feel like I’m getting closer to God’s ultimate vision for my life!  It’s such a blessing working your butt off for the glory of God, and I can’t wait to be able to do it every single day of my life!  Thank You Jesus for choosing me to make movies for Your name!!

    Thanks so much for reading!  Next time around God willing I’ll give you a yes or no to the DP, and I’ll let you know the outcome of our casting confirmations.  God bless you, and God bless your ministry!


PS- Kelly Cutrone is absolutely amazing.  I pray that God has our paths cross some time soon!


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