the second week of February

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

 It’s crazy to me when I look at the calendar how fast time is speeding by!  It’s already the second week of February, which means that the Youth of Christ production is only eight weeks away.  Eight weeks!  There’s a lot of work to do in that time period, but the reality is that I can’t do the real grunt work of the movie until about four weeks before production.  This is because if I schedule people/locations now, things might just “come up” closer to the event, as they often do when people aren’t getting paid.  For this reason, I like to leave the heavy work until right before the production, because people most likely know their schedule a little better and won’t commit to something that they really don’t have time for. 

Right now, I’m really focused on trying to get the details of the production done.  When I really think about it, I have to admit that these “details” really aren’t vital to getting the film on camera; however, they are in fact vital to having a seamless production.  For those of you who didn’t go to film school with me, I love a detailed and organized film shoot.  I love to know exactly what is being shot at what time and in what order every single second of the day.  I’m a little OCD on the details that way, so that’s how I make myself still feel productive.   

Currently I’m working on getting the production notebook finalized.  This will be a one stop shop for everything we need on the film set.  Crew info, cast info, shoot schedules, location addresses, release forms, permits, story boards, shot lists, and maybe even light grids- just to name a few things that will be in there.  I’m also working on finalizing the script so that it looks business professional so that I can print out four copies for the main actors, and I’m still managing the audition list so that when February 20th comes around, the day goes by efficiently and effectively.  

Speaking of auditions, I had an actor email me the other day saying that he couldn’t make the February 20th audition, so he wanted to know if there was another time that he could read for the part.  I felt kind of bad for him, and he had the look I wanted for the character, so I told him to meet me this past Sunday at 1pm.  When that time came around, I waited ten minutes for this guy to show up, and he didn’t.  When I got home, I checked my email and saw that he’d sent me an email at 12:30pm saying that he wouldn’t be able to make the audition.  

Note to all actors/actresses/interviewees for any job you will ever apply for: do not cancel half an hour before the audition over email! That is not enough time for us to catch your message!  And when we show up to the audition/interview and are standing there uselessly wasting our time, we will remember you.  We will remember what you look like, what you sound like, and more specifically- your email address.  And you will never get another opportunity to make us waste our time again.  

So lesson learned: if you can’t make the audition, don’t even bother making me schedule it.  

That being said, I’m still really excited to audition the people who are coming out for the film!  Two of the people auditioning are good friends of mine, and they’re both going for the same part so this will be an interesting test of my objectivity.   

I’m also super excited because tomorrow night I finally meet with that amazing DP I told you about before!  He’s finally back in town from Columbia tonight, so we finally can meet up and talk business!  Our meeting will be recorded for the online webisodes, so you’ll be able to see what happens in webisode 6!  

If you didn’t know, the webisodes for “Making Youth of Christ-The Movie” has been posted on Facebook and on Youtube!  You should definitely check it out at   Also, my company’s second film was just released over, so you can check that out as well at  

Thanks so much for reading, God bless you, and as always, God bless your ministry!!XOXO,Stephanie


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