Still moving!

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Wow, life keeps getting busier and busier!!  People keep asking me to do stuff for them, which normally I wouldn’t mind, except that when you’re in the middle of the busiest semester of your life, working a thirty hour/week job, and planning a feature film, you start to get a little annoyed when it seems like every single person in your life needs a favor at the same time.  I love you all, but please don’t ask me for anything else until April 22nd!!!

So, pre-production has been going fantastic.  The call sheets are getting there, and God had me write a whole entire list of everything I need to do and by what time, which makes me feel a lot more comfortable.  Planning a movie is so fantastically fun, and I cannot wait until the time in my life where this is all I do!! 

Jesus has sent AMAZING people into my life to help this project come off the ground!  When I was in college he had me meet this wonderful woman named Sandra, who was so excited to find out that God had called me to make Christian films.  Now, four years later, she’s helping me to get together all the singing and dancing acts I need for the movie.  She told me this morning that when God wants something done, He’ll send the right people into His children’s lives to get that something done.  And that’s what God is doing through Sandra!  He’s brought her into my life to help Youth of Christ come true, praise Jesus!

When your doing something for the Lord, make sure you keep your eyes on Him, and make sure you keep your heart open to all the doors He’s going to make available for you to step through!  Working for Jesus Christ is an amazing honor, and I pray that I can keep focused and keep on working hard!!

God bless you, and God bless your ministry!



  1. danny boy says:

    Ms. Rodnez, I love reading your blogs, you always keep me entertain with the comments you leave. And I’m not just saying this cause I’m your boyfriend lol. I Love U”

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