Getting the Financing in Place

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, they say never to invest your own money into your own movie.  I say, never listen to this rule!  Who are you going to believe in if not your own vision?  I’ve been saving up for the past couple of months and praise God have raised the first half of what I’ll need for Youth of Christ to happen.  I’m going to take out a small loan to get the rest, and I can’t wait to finally have the funding locked in place so that I can officially start locking down crew for this movie!!  The Financial Executive of my company (you know who you are, J) will be going over my business plan with me this week to make sure everything’s in place.  I’m so excited!!!

This weekend was an absolute blast!  Praise the wonderful Lord Jesus, the script breakdown is finished, which means the shoot schedule is finished!  I now know which days what scenes will be shot!  What’s left to do is create the call sheets, which take a bit more time to do because they have to be organized and concise, but I’m hoping to finish that today.

Also, praise the beautiful Lord Jesus, I sat down with my church yesterday and really locked down my shoot locations!  My shoot dates were added to the schedule and everything, so we are for sure able to shoot April 12th-21st!  It is such a blessing to go to a church where everyone is so supportive of the vision God has given you!  I can’t stop saying “thank you Jesus!!”

Youth of Christ-The Movie’s first webisode is almost finished!  We shot footage all through the weekend, and now I definitely know there’s enough to make a good five minute video.  I’m going to start editing it tomorrow night when I get home from work, and I’m hoping to post it up on our facebook page by Sunday!  By the way, if you haven’t joined yet, I started a group called Youth of Christ-The Movie on Facebook!  I’ll be continually loading webisodes of making this film, so if you’d like to see the characters I’m writing about, please come join the group, it’s open to all!

Next time I pray I’m writing to you that the call sheets are finished and I’m about to start working on setting up auditions!  God bless you my friend, and as always, God bless your ministry!



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