Making a movie- With no time to spare

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

I would first like to praise Jesus for the lives that were saved in the Haitian earthquake on Tuesday, and say a prayer for every single man, woman, and child who has been or will be affected by this tragedy.  God bless everyone who is helping out in whatever way they can, and I pray that I will very shortly hear from my family over there.

            As far as filmmaking goes, I have literally done nothing to advance the production of this film since Monday.  How sad is that?  I had this huge lofty goal of finishing the script break down this week, but its Thursday and that goal isn’t even close to being reached.

            Why, you ask?  Well, the answer is simply this: school is a whole lot more work than I thought it was going to be.  I honestly figured that since this was the last semester in my program, the workload would be a lot lighter than it was last semester (which was pretty darn heavy).  Add that to the fact that almost everything is open book in my classes, and I thought I’d be able to do all my school work while having plenty of time left over for movie making.

            This is not the case, however.  On Monday I spent literally hours catching up on the school reading that I was supposed to do over the weekend.  Tuesday I worked my usual ten hour shift, and then thought that I’d be able to go home and work on the movie; however, it turned out that I had to spend hours working on a class project when I got home.  Wednesday I had school, and then spent the evening in classes at a church.  And now I’m trying to figure out when on earth I’m going to try and catch up on the thirty script break downs that are already supposed to be done?

            Whooh!  Praise be to God, everything is going to work out just fine, and we will be able to get things back on track.  I am getting a bit overwhelmed because I just didn’t expect school work to take as long as it does, but its okay, and I’ve just got to readjust my schedule so that Youth of Christ gets the attention it needs to get in order to be done in time.  So here’s where we’re at:

            This week if God wills, I need to finish the script break down, create the ten day shoot schedule, confirm these shoot dates with the locations at my church and lock those locations, finalize the financial sheets for my company so that I can apply for the loans to finance Youth of Christ, edit the first episode of the Youth of Christ Weekly Webisodes, promote the Youth of Christ-The Movie facebook group online, and set up a date and location for casting calls to be held within the next three weeks.  Oh yeah, I’ve also got to rework the crew list for the movie shoot because I found out yesterday that the next semester at Nova starts two days after we start principal photography on Youth of Christ.

            Do you think all of this can be done? In addition to finishing up school projects, working my shifts at work, and still finding time to sleep?  Yeah, so do I.  I’m going to keep my eyes glued to Jesus so that I don’t go crazy, and I pray that whatever crazy tasks you’ve got going on in your life, you keep your eyes glued to our wonderful Father as well.

            Thanks so much for reading!  God bless you, and God bless your ministry!




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