Making a movie- While still doing everything else.

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

            Yesterday was my first day of my last semester in my M.B.A. program. Oh my goodness!!, is all I can say to that, but it does relieve me to know that to get an A in my classes, all I really have to do is keep up on the reading since pretty much everything that matters is open book. So that’s going to be a challenge, seeing how my body’s allergic to reading the material any earlier than four days before an exam, but this last semester I want to do it right. Ironically, whenever I was making a movie during a semester at University of Miami, that was a semester that I got straight A’s in. We’ll see if that rule holds true this final nine weeks at Nova!!

       Today the task is to complete ten scene breakdowns of the script, arrgh! It takes just a few minutes to do it, but actually getting myself to do it is the problem. Right now, it’s 7:51am, so I’m going to make myself do it on my break today at work. That means I can’t put it off all day because I’ll literally starve if I do, hee hee hee. I’ll let you know how it goes in the morning.

     You know what I realized this morning? Even though right now I’m developing my company’s third film, Youth of Christ, my company’s second film is still slated to come out March 1st of this year. It’s not that I completely forgot, it’s just that I’ve been so focused on Youth of Christ that I haven’t been doing what I need to be doing to ensure the timely release of Lamb of God. It’ll be released in the same model as The Christ Effect, using, an affiliate of, who will release your DVD on demand for you. I just have to get down the final DVD menu, the DVD face cover, the DVD jacket cover, the accompanying study guide, and the web page to promote the film.

     Does this seem like a lot of work to you to be done in just a few months? Well it seems like a lot of work to me too, LOL. I’m not even going to attempt to try and get it down anytime within the next two weeks. The script breakdown for Youth of Christ really has to get done, or else I’m going to spend the month of February meandering around aimlessly instead of aggressively planning a film production.  By the grace of God, Lamb of God will find some place to be completed within the next two months, so that it can go on sale as promised!

     Lesson learned here: meet your deadlines. Even if they’re not set in stone, treat them as if they are, or else you’ll end up having sixteen vitally important things to do all at one time. God’s blessed me enormously with my company’s assets (The Christ Effect, Lamb of God, and now Youth of Christ), and I don’t want to disappointment Him in the way that I treat those very valuable assets. I’ve got to devote myself to the things that matter, a.k.a., the things that are going to faithfully advance the kingdom of God. Everything else is going to have to take second for a little while, or else these dreams I’ve been dreaming since I was 15 will never come true.

     Thanks so much for reading, thanks so much for being part of this production, God bless you, and as always, God bless your ministry!!

XOXO, Stephanie


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